Moms in Lockdown…on Earth or in Heaven

Ok, this is not like any other Mother’s Day since you first gave birth several centuries ago. That change might have some advantage. There are no restaurant brunches where the service is bad, the eggs cold and the prices hiked. There is no breakfast in bed for us sheltered seniors….a meal where the crumbs in the night remind one of the burnt toast in the morning.

Some of those child-made meals were high on good will, but low on skill. At five years of age, with nobody in the house but mom and me and with nothing much in the house because of war rationing, I served my mom a meal of lettuce leaves decorated with Necco Wafers. I looked upon the plate and thought it was good. What my mom thought was not recorded.

Then there are the thoughts that always come this day about our dear departed moms. How to honor them? Cranky Pants and I found a way after I read that some ancient Greeks used to set a place for one of the Olympus gods even though they knew Zeus or Hera  would not show up. So we set a place at the table for his mom and mine. After toasting them, we spend the meal trading stories about our mothers. It’s something you can do today to honor your own. And tell your kids you have not lost it, but found a new way to honor your mom. It’s Greek. It’s classic. Just like you.

So today, your kids, if your area is still in lockdown, will not show up. The flowers might not make it to the front door. But there may come an invitation to Zoom, Skype, Face Time or phone. Whatever works. You can enjoy the love in whatever form it arrives. And you can set that place at your table for absent mom. Is it possible to imagine a pleasant conversation where you re-live the best moments of her momhood? After a glass of champagne, yes. And ask forgiveness for some of the worst things you ever did as a child.

Mom, I have to talk to you about those Necco wafers.

6 thoughts on “Moms in Lockdown…on Earth or in Heaven”

  1. I hope you
    Find some custard ice cream to go with your day today. Come East and we will have lobsters and that for dessert. ❤️Lily

    1. Lily, will never forget that custard ice cream and also tofu brains with John Hsia. If we do get East, you are tops on the plan. Thanks. Mel

  2. Nice read, thanks. I might do that for you after you pass on. What is ur favorite meal btw? Love you!

    1. Dear Son Steve, Yep, do this for me when I graduate from the planet. I would like Maine lobster, lots of melted butter and a great beer that you kids choose. Centerpiece of daisies. Tell each other what you got away with when I wasn’t looking…all the keggers. Confess. You are too young still for this blog, but ok. Mom

  3. Happy Mothers’ Day Mel 1 And I hope Cranky Pants made you lettuce with Necco Wafers. I love your columns with good ideas and a warm, fuzzy feeling!
    Mary Van

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