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Poem from a reader

I have invited readers of the Second Wind blog  to submit their thoughts and works here. Ann Cooper of VT  kindly sent this poem. Ann doesn’t mince words about what it is like to be on the edge of mortality, … Continue reading

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Red poppies

Oil pencil and oil on paper For the girls….   

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My Happy Mistake

Yesterday I was trying to add two paintings to a blog I am just starting:  Fooling with a new iPhone, I tried using the phone to add photos of my artwork to the gallery blog. Well, I checked the … Continue reading

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Sunset 1

Acrylic on canvas   

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Acrylic on board   

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When Retirement is a Pain in the Posterior

by Mel Walsh Though retirement is stereotyped as a geezer Garden of Eden furnished with recliners and a flat screen TV, it can be tough. You’d never know it, though, from the ads. You’ve seen them—beautiful Botoxed models with silver … Continue reading

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Two Valuable Free Subscriptions Plus Retirement Urges

Trying to keep up to date on every issue connected with growing older—well, that used to be a task. But one great free site makes it all easy. Subscribing to the free weekly newswire at will convey everything you … Continue reading

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Meet Your Future Geezer

Wonder what you’ll be like as an older person? Well, researchers at the University of Chicago can polish your crystal ball. They did a study of people aged 57-85—the National Social Life, Heath and Aging Project. They went into people’s … Continue reading

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Farmergate: When aggie imposters infiltrate farmers’ markets

OK, I’m used to the ground shifting beneath my feet…housing prices cracked, retirement investments going into a sinkhole and so forth and so forth, but now—oh perfidy!—it seems that peddlers posing as farmers have infiltrated the farmers’ markets of the … Continue reading

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Botanical meds: What docs don’t know and how you can get the info yourself

Maybe you already suspected this, but docs think you don’t know much about herbal medicine. And, in a recent survey reported in Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin, they also admit they don’t know much about natural remedies either. They perceive botanical … Continue reading

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