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Red poppies

Oil pencil and oil on paper For the girls….    Advertisements

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My Happy Mistake

Yesterday I was trying to add two paintings to a blog I am just starting:  Fooling with a new iPhone, I tried using the phone to add photos of my artwork to the gallery blog. Well, I checked the … Continue reading

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Sunset 1

Acrylic on canvas   

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Acrylic on board   

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When Retirement is a Pain in the Posterior

by Mel Walsh Though retirement is stereotyped as a geezer Garden of Eden furnished with recliners and a flat screen TV, it can be tough. You’d never know it, though, from the ads. You’ve seen them—beautiful Botoxed models with silver … Continue reading

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Meet Your Future Geezer

Wonder what you’ll be like as an older person? Well, researchers at the University of Chicago can polish your crystal ball. They did a study of people aged 57-85—the National Social Life, Heath and Aging Project. They went into people’s … Continue reading

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Farmergate: When aggie imposters infiltrate farmers’ markets

OK, I’m used to the ground shifting beneath my feet…housing prices cracked, retirement investments going into a sinkhole and so forth and so forth, but now—oh perfidy!—it seems that peddlers posing as farmers have infiltrated the farmers’ markets of the … Continue reading

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Botanical meds: What docs don’t know and how you can get the info yourself

Maybe you already suspected this, but docs think you don’t know much about herbal medicine. And, in a recent survey reported in Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin, they also admit they don’t know much about natural remedies either. They perceive botanical … Continue reading

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The important pleasures of age…what are they?

The important pleasures of childhood were playing outside on summer nights under the streetlights, going swimming, riding bikes and, now that I think of it, not having to cook. (No wonder people love their mothers—a personal chef on the premises.) The … Continue reading

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Reading your medical tea leaves… plus unexpected humor

First, what to make of the spinal tap/Alzheimer’s news… If you missed it,  researchers reported that doing a spinal tap—a lumbar puncture—and examining the withdrawn fluid for certain proteins can tell who has or will have Alzheimer’s Disease or AD. … Continue reading

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