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Happy You, Happy Heart

I guess we ordinary people always suspected it—moods can effect our heart health. But we mostly heard this in a downer way, people dying of broken hearts. However, what’s getting attention on the medical landscape these days is the opposite … Continue reading

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Meet Your Future Geezer

Wonder what you’ll be like as an older person? Well, researchers at the University of Chicago can polish your crystal ball. They did a study of people aged 57-85—the National Social Life, Heath and Aging Project. They went into people’s … Continue reading

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How to Beat the Heat When You’re 50+ and Bikini-Challenged

By Mel Walsh. Published May 29, 2012 in the Huffington Post,  Summer for Dummies          Some days I think I am no smarter than your average roadside weed. That’s because every year, come summer, I have … Continue reading

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Growing Down: Incredible Shrinking Humans

I don’t need a shrink because I’m already shrunk. Over the years, I’ve measured the ever-diminishing me. I’ve lost two inches in height and I can’t seem to find them anywhere except in a pair of platform shoes. And I’m … Continue reading

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Size Matters: The Vitamin Pill Dilemma

I’m not a horse and neither are you. So why do supplement makers design giant horse pills that only Secretariat could swallow? Choking on the choices, we older adults with small throats have just one response to horse pills: Naaay. … Continue reading

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Are you autoliterate?: What older people need to know about the new cars

We’ve all heard about the reduced skills of older drivers: We’re less flexible so we can’t swivel our necks to see backing up. Our reflexes are slower and we’re more likely to get in accidents–blah, blah. Still, it is the … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s–New Research Suggests Trouble Starts in the Liver, Not the Brain

If True, It May Be An Open Door To New Treatments With The Liver As Target Recent research suggests the amyloid protein making up the brain plaque associated with Alzheimer’s Disease may start in the liver and be moved by … Continue reading

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Reading your medical future: The spinal tap/Alzheimer’s news

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a senior in possession of a brain, must be in want of a diagnosis.   If you missed the specifics, researchers reported that doing a spinal tap—a lumbar puncture with a needle— and … Continue reading

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Bad Moods: Changing into something more comfortable

Moods come in all colors—black, grey and blue for starters. Am I the only one seeing more blue moods in the morning? Evidently not…. Maybe it’s economics—the rates on retirees’ CDs are going so low, we’ll soon owe the banks … Continue reading

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Flu Shots: For older adults, it’s the year of the super-powered jab

Flu season is coming around again and so we roll up our sleeves for the traditional jab. But wait, this year it’s not the same old, same old shot.     This year there is a special super-powered flu vaccine … Continue reading

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