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Meet Your Future Geezer

Wonder what you’ll be like as an older person? Well, researchers at the University of Chicago can polish your crystal ball. They did a study of people aged 57-85—the National Social Life, Heath and Aging Project. They went into people’s … Continue reading

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The 3,000 Mile Umbilical Cord

It’s funny about umbilical cords. They were supposedly cut at birth and they don’t extend to grandchildren. Then how come I’m still connected in some ancient mammalian way to generations of my family even though they live 3000 miles away? … Continue reading

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For geezer orphans: Mother’s Day is never over

There’s always a way to say thanks to mom, even after she’s gone. Here’s one surprising idea , a way to keep the special day alive by adding a new phase to the celebration…  When my mother graduated from the … Continue reading

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Turkey Soup: The Remains of the Day

What differentiates us from the younger generation—besides not smoking our house plants? I say it’s turkey soup—knowing how to make it, eat it and value it enough to rescue the carcass from a hostess’ intent to throw it in the … Continue reading

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A Geezer’s Turkey Day- A Little Salt, Lots of Sweet

Let us give thanks for… …The fact that the CD rates in our retirement funds have not yet gone below zero. When interest rates go to zero, we may owe the bank money for the honor of their holding it. … Continue reading

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Wisdom: What’s Your One Parting Shot?

The one thing I hate about the prospect of dying someday—other than not knowing how things come out with the grandkids or the Giants—is that each brain has a library in it and when the brain goes, so does the … Continue reading

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If music made you blind…

A threat and four solutions… If a doctor told you that every time you went to a high-decibel music event, you might lose a bit of vision, would you swear off concerts? Or if a researcher said that your music … Continue reading

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