Apologies to Readers

I recently sent a puzzling email to those of you who read my columns about aging. I was trying to get WordPress to reboot that blog into one about doing art in your 80’s. (See headline above.) I just made a mess and apologize for any confusion.

I will figure out how to fix this and the truth is I have ready to go a whole year’s worth of new columns about growing older. However, I first must master how to turn my new mess back to the old look and old way of organizing the posts. (If you’ve been away from WordPress for a while, you find the methods have changed and they are about to change again, so it will be challenging to get up to speed.)

Again, apologies to you have been kind enough to subscribe to this blog, which has been neglected only to turn up again as something about art, which is actually a goal of mine now that I am over 80. Do art. Leave something for your family to hide in the attic.

Love from Mel who is now 82 and still perking along.  Wish me luck as I enter the dark thickets of blogging in 2019. Look for new and light-hearted posts about aging as soon as I get my tech act together. The writing is done. The site itself needs work. (Don’t we all?)


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