My Happy Mistake

Yesterday I was trying to add two paintings to a blog I am just starting:  Fooling with a new iPhone, I tried using the phone to add photos of my artwork to the gallery blog. Well, I checked the wrong box because those photos went here.

What a happy mistake. I heard from quite a few of you that my writing was missed and that you liked the art. Thank you.

There Is A Third Wind

Though I will be 80 next month, I decided it was not too late to try and teach myself acrylics, oils, mixed media and colored pencil. Again, I have no clue about any of it, just that I want to try and use the brushes I’ve been picking up at garage sales for the last 25 years. If any of you are interested, there are great YouTube videos that will show you how.

So never let age stop you from trying new things. One faithful reader, Cynthia, wrote to me this morning that at age 65 she has just taken a job as executive director of  an important agency in Oregon. Yay, Cynthia.

And yay to all of you who won’t let the stereotypes of age hold you back. Actually, your feedback from my mistake in posting may actually get me writing again on Second Wind. I do miss taking news of interest to older people and presenting it in a way that presumably will not put you to sleep. Some of you were even kind enough to put my past columns on your refrigerator doors. No higher praise.

Countdown to 80,


Disclosure…this photo was age 75. Have to get Mac to do another one. You who were readers of Second Wind know him as Cranky Pants. CP is still going strong at almost 84.


Mel Walsh by Mac Small

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15 Responses to My Happy Mistake

  1. Ann Cooper says:

    This is wonderful, Mel. I know I’m only as old as I feel–although some days 150 seems real, and I too have taken on new challenges. Right now I am resurrecting a history project, contemplating taking on a big editing job, and writing down the poems that seem to pour from me in unexpected ways on unexpected days. None of this could have happened if I had not “retired” and “slowed down.” I feel blessed.

    Thank you for sharing this, and please resurrect “Second Wind.”

    • Mel Walsh says:

      Ann, I wish you would post some of your poems. I remember your saying that you didn’t like poems that were just prose put in a rectangle on a page. I too feel blessed. Am thinking of re-starting Second Wind.

  2. Irene Hadeishi says:

    Please revive Second Wind. Thank you. Irene Hadeishi, a fellow Sister

    • Mel Walsh says:

      Irene, I remember you from college and I am thinking about posting again, this time shorter pieces. Thanks for writing. Mel

  3. Kathy Greenwood says:

    It’s so good to hear from you! Write when you can or post your paintings. You’re always an inspiration. (My name used to be Kusanovich, when I last wrote to you. I am 70 and happily married almost three years! It’s actually a wonderful serendipitous story.)

  4. A great mistake you mADE. ENJOED IT. i AM HANGING ON TO 89 FOR A FEW MORE MONTHS. I too am learning the Apple 5 phone. I too, want to try oil painting again. I too am a cosmetologist I too am trying to start over & find a new life. I have Florida in mind…I made a big mistake the other day by going to a salon just to straighten up my own cutting, whicn I liked but it is hard to see exactly what you are doing when you are cuttting by looking in the mirror, I came out with about 6 colics & too short. now I start over with that too. Good luck to both of us.

  5. Jeanne Whitten says:

    So nice to hear from you again. Aren’t we lucky you made the mistake. Loved seeing your art work…very lovely. Wishing you and CP well.

  6. Stephen Hessel says:

    Nice work Mel! I am impressed. And just think if you had been doing this all your life.



  7. Sharon OHara says:

    So glad to be reading you!

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