Sunset 1

Acrylic on canvas



  1. OMG……Beautiful paintings! It brings back my 50’s when I did many oil that eventually went to family and friends when moving to Florida for a new job! Loved getting this note in my email!
    It being a holiday I am working at home, completing tax info – Studying to up date my license and yes, Mel & CP you are often in my thoughts as I drive around GV/NC! I want to cheer on and please I too would enjoy your Third Wind! Actually there are days when I thinking I am having my 5th Wind and hopefully it won’t let me down! Hugs to you both!

    1. Roberta, I don’t know what wind you are on—second or fifth—but it certainly carries you along as if you were in your 30’s. We think of you too and still intend to get up there and see the old gang. Our best to you and Kathy and your husband. Mac will be happy you wrote.

  2. Good afternoon, Mel,

    Happy to hear you are putting your brush collection of twenty-five years to good use and enjoying yourself. My creative juices only got as far as some works in clay that I did many moons ago.

    I’m still working out at the club four early mornings each week – glutes, core, and biceps not too shabby, but my younger cohorts are passing me by with weights. But I’m having fun. And still working at the library.

    My best to you and Mac! Enjoy your 80th!


    1. Jackie, you were queen of the concert last time we saw you. Keep on keeping on and we’ll call you when/if we get up there again. Since we gave you some books, we now have another big pile and I wish you were here to whisk them to new lives.
      Take care of you. You looked great and don’t listen to the people who keep telling you not to take off on vacation by yourself. Mel

    1. Robert, your computer is fine. I am the glitch as I stopped writing online when I stopped writing a newspaper column. Maybe I’ll get my motor going again. Thanks for writing. Mel

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