Two Valuable Free Subscriptions Plus Retirement Urges

Trying to keep up to date on every issue connected with growing older—well, that used to be a task. But one great free site makes it all easy. Subscribing to the free weekly newswire at will convey everything you need to know about life after 60. (OK, it doesn’t tell you how to cut your toenails if you can’t reach your toes, but it will help on most every other front.)

Another favorite here at Our Geezer Home is That too is a free subscription and is full of useful and up-to-date health information, both mainstream and home remedies. Subscribers will also get special health and pharmaceutical alerts when important items hit the newswires, such as a drug being taken off the market because of its harmful effects on consumers, one of whom may be you.

Subscribe to those two free sites and you will be ahead of the aging game.

Why Am I Telling You This? It’s the R word, Retirement

After almost 40 years of writing professionally, I am tired. I started writing professionally back in the 1970’s. I have written four non-fiction books for major publishers, been nationally syndicated for a few years, had regular columns in the San Jose Mercury News, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Huffington Post. I’ve also written for the Oprah magazine, Glamour and Working Women. Those things along with a ton of work for Silicon Valley corporations have kept me afloat in addition to with some surprise consulting jobs for Gallo Wines and the CA Olive Industry.

As for aging issues, I got an MA in Gerontology at USC when I turned 60 and since then I’ve written one book about aging, HOT GRANNY, and hundreds of newspaper columns about life in the geezer lane. Also on the aging front, I had one of the few weekly radio shows in the country that was just about aging at KVMR-FM.

I’ve had the honor of doing national book tours, doing interviews on national TV, one of which is on YouTube evidently forever, and you can find it if you Google: Mel Walsh CBS. (There you will find clueless me who forgot to take off her red socks and walking shoes before going on the air.)

Looking back at it all, it was more than I ever expected out of life—but now I want to do something different. I’m 77. Average age of planet departure in the US is 78. Now or never is the time to have fun, do some art, smell the roses and kiss my profession fondly goodbye.

But and however, I just didn’t want to leave you all high and dry when it came to info about the later years. So consider subscribing to and http://www.peoplespharmacy. They are gold mines of good information as is if you want to research any ailment or body glitch.

Thank you very much for subscribing here and I wish you all a very good New Year. My motto for the year is taken from my friend June who has this to say about aging and having fun in the later years: Eat the popsicle before it melts.

So eat your popsicles. Love, Mel

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6 Responses to Two Valuable Free Subscriptions Plus Retirement Urges

  1. Kathy Kusanovich Greenwood says:

    I will miss you! I “discovered” you while you were writing your column for The Union, in Grass Valley, (and I enjoyed your “Hot Granny”) and even wrote to you in response to some especially good columns that hit home for me. And, you very kindly responded to me! I wish you and your husband (Cranky Pants, or something close) the very best. Bet you’ll be eating lots of popsicles!

    With hugs and fondness, Kathy

    P.S. Speaking of having fun in our later years, Jeff and I were married (one of my sons performed the ceremony) this past May at one of our favorite trailheads (Loney Meadows) and we did a 51 day road trip to Canada and Alaska pulling a trailer accompanied by our two dogs! Life is good.

  2. Toni Gordon says:

    Mel, thank you for sharing this. I’m touched by what you wrote, sad that I won’t see more of your writing, but certainly understand—and wish you all the best with fun, art, smelling roses, and eating popsicles. Love, Toni

  3. Ann McC. Scott says:

    Mel Walsh should be designated, in the style of the Japanese, a Living National Treasure. She has turned hard work, considerable experience, lively wit, and sheer chutzpah to the subject of aging. And made it almost seem like fun – as well, by the way, as inevitable. You have earned your future, Mel, the F-word as well as the R while making ours richer. Thank you, says she with soap in her bed and contemplating raisins in her gin.

  4. Annette Glabe says:

    Loved listening to you on KVMR; reading your columns in the Union (they haven’t come close to replacing you!) and later on the blogs. Will miss you, but your writings continue as an inspiration in my retirement. Enjoy those popsicles!

  5. Lily says:

    Hey, Mel. It is Lily here – from the other coast. Remember the custard ice cream.
    You NOW must come east for a visit ….. since you have “nothing to do” HA.
    We need another outing — in fact many. Sending love and good wishes from
    John and me. xoxo Lily H

  6. Roberta Ollenberger says:

    By the way…..77 wasn’t a bad year….”At least we are both on this side of the grass”.

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