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Alzheimer’s–New Research Suggests Trouble Starts in the Liver, Not the Brain

If True, It May Be An Open Door To New Treatments With The Liver As Target Recent research suggests the amyloid protein making up the brain plaque associated with Alzheimer’s Disease may start in the liver and be moved by … Continue reading

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Lost & Found: The Pleasures of Life

Have you noticed a weird category of life experiences—things that give great pleasure, but because they are not part of your habit pattern, you forget how wonderful they are and so you don’t pursue those pleasures? Then you run across … Continue reading

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First, the confession: I have not been posting recently on The Geezer Diary because I’ve moved again, so I am still slightly Mayflowered out. by Paolo Camera/Flickr And then I also need to solve the mess I made as an … Continue reading

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