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Wisdom: What’s Your One Parting Shot?

The one thing I hate about the prospect of dying someday—other than not knowing how things come out with the grandkids or the Giants—is that each brain has a library in it and when the brain goes, so does the … Continue reading

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Bad Moods: Changing into something more comfortable

Moods come in all colors—black, grey and blue for starters. Am I the only one seeing more blue moods in the morning? Evidently not…. Maybe it’s economics—the rates on retirees’ CDs are going so low, we’ll soon owe the banks … Continue reading

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Tech for the older adults: Can you handle more?

If you’re reading this, you’re an experienced net tourist, not a newbie to the wonders of the web and email. But, if you’re like me, you wonder if you want or need more. Should you complicate your life with Skype, … Continue reading

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Flu Shots: For older adults, it’s the year of the super-powered jab

Flu season is coming around again and so we roll up our sleeves for the traditional jab. But wait, this year it’s not the same old, same old shot.     This year there is a special super-powered flu vaccine … Continue reading

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