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Golden Oldies go missing: What to do when the music of your life disappears

Fans of old time swing are finding that Big Band has become No Band. Radio stations that used to carry jazz and swing programming—programming called something like The Music of Your Life or Golden Oldies—are switching their old-time choices from … Continue reading

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Simple stuff that works…2 down-to-earth solutions for the health care mess

Oh, honey, pass me a cold gin martini. I’m deeply, truly anxious over the health care crisis in the US,  a problem that exists on a federal level—-too much money thrown at too few results—and, often,  on a personal level, … Continue reading

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If music made you blind…

A threat and four solutions… If a doctor told you that every time you went to a high-decibel music event, you might lose a bit of vision, would you swear off concerts? Or if a researcher said that your music … Continue reading

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Reading your medical tea leaves… plus unexpected humor

First, what to make of the spinal tap/Alzheimer’s news… If you missed it,  researchers reported that doing a spinal tap—a lumbar puncture—and examining the withdrawn fluid for certain proteins can tell who has or will have Alzheimer’s Disease or AD. … Continue reading

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What body part do you miss?

By the time you hit 60 on up, you will have a parts problem. It’s the Inner Jalopy emerging. Are you becoming a clunker? Well, I guarantee you will miss some physical part of yourself, something you used to enjoy … Continue reading

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Geezer Teaser: What should older adults call themselves?

Help me out here. Is there a good word for older adults? Seniors? Older adults don’t call themselves seniors unless they are trying to get a cheap ticket to a movie. And I hesitate to call myself a senior because, … Continue reading

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The one article you need to read before you die

If I could attach a 911 red siren alarm to a recommendation on my blog, this would get the flashing light. If you get no other tip from The Geezer Diary, let this be the one. It’s about how you … Continue reading

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