So who is old? Evidently nobody.

Most of us think of ourselves as fifteen years younger than we are. So we are not old, but just traveling through the outskirts of age—maybe touching down in geezer country when there are senior discounts to be had.

I think this mind set is good. If you think you are young, your outlook brightens because you still have a future. Actually, anyone who is not ashes in a rose garden has a future. A wise older person acts on that thought, not only enjoying the day that is, but looking forward to tomorrow.

As for death, when I’m having a good time, I rarely think about death and when I do, I am happy that I’m happy before I don’t have a chance to be happy anymore.

Here’s how Henry Fielding saw it in the 18th century: “Happy the man, and happy he alone, who can call today his own—-He who, secure within, can say, “Tomorrow do thy worst, for I have lived today.”

And to those who reply they are too old really live today, I say you are younger today than you ever will be again, so get going.

Mel got going under water.

One thought on “So who is old? Evidently nobody.”

  1. A charming meditation with an Asian air. Just reading it one is happy that you are happy that you are happy! Great photo: “Mel in the Floating World”?

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