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Good news about memory loss…really

Here’s the good news: Some forms of memory loss are fixable. There are people with memory loss who suffer, not from Alzheimer’s, but from reversible conditions that may be confused with Alzheimer’s. So read on and take a little comfort … Continue reading

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What’s a girl to wear when she’s not a girl?

It’s a mystery…what to wear when you’re a woman of a certain age. Is anything clear on this subject? Yes, what NOT to wear. Smart women avoid the extreme ends of the style spectrum. On one end is teeny bopper … Continue reading

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Shoes: no more little old ladies just in tennis shoes

Photo-Melissann/flickr What do women want? That’s the eternal question. And the eternal answer is shoes. They want shoes that are good-looking and comfortable, shoes that are used, not left in the closet as an offering to the gods of guilt. … Continue reading

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Ladies who used to lunch

Vanilla lobster by Cristalart In the days of yore, when women worried about glassware instead of glass ceilings, there was an entertainment called a ladies’ lunch. If you were trying to be cool, you even called it a ladies’ luncheon. … Continue reading

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Botanical wills: Leaving leaves to your family

Green comfort—that’s what I call plants. Somehow, they soothe and make me as peaceful as an old nun. Maybe human love for plants comes from some tribal memory at work, something buried in the DNA, a smart something that equated … Continue reading

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Avoiding the ER and other dismal places

Gravity will have its way with older people. We fall. We end up in the ER with broken skulls and spines, smashed hips, fractured forearms, and so on into Crunch City. Falls seem so simple, it’s hard to believe that … Continue reading

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Visual homage: Photo portraits of grandparents

Browsing Flickr images, I came across this wonderful photograph by Matus Bence. It’s of his grandfather, taken two weeks before he died. It’s visual homage to the oldest generation. How I wish I had an image like this of my … Continue reading

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So who is old? Evidently nobody.

Most of us think of ourselves as fifteen years younger than we are. So we are not old, but just traveling through the outskirts of age—maybe touching down in geezer country when there are senior discounts to be had. I … Continue reading

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The truth at last: How age really happens

Me, I was forever pre-old. Age was a distant horizon. I always walked toward it and never arrived. Well, that was the theory, but then my freckles began turning into liver spots. So I knew I had gone past pre-old … Continue reading

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